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What Vitamin Mineral Supplement do we use and recommend?

At vom Vostmen we believe giving your pet the best possible nutrition is one of the most important gifts that can be given to our beloved furry friends.  Even when feeding high quality food the environment and toxins and free radicals around us can cause our pets immune system to be under stress and depleted. 

We have found a product we truly believe in and we have personally witnessed wonderful things from!  NuVet Plus is a well balanced vitamin & mineral supplement made just for your canine!  It comes as a wafer or powder and dogs love the taste!  Giving your pet an extra boost of vitamins and minerals can be the difference between cancer and no cancer, hip dysplasia or strong healthy bones and joints, tumors and a shortened life span or a long life leading into the golden years!

If you knew you could give your puppy the chance of a long life without disease and cancer wouldn't you go the extra mile?  I know your pet would give you the same if possible!  Please click the link below for more about the products available (canine and feline) and if you decide to place an order please use code 97956 and you will receive a discount!

After years of disappointing products, we were blessed to find an all natural, human-grade supplement - one designed and formulated by veterinarians and scientists who actually knew Picturesomething about 
nutrition! This supplement contains vitamins, minerals, herbs and antioxidants proven to strengthen and protect the immune system - thus really providing protection against scratching, itching, hot spots, allergies, arthritis, chronic ear infections premature aging, low energy levels, cataracts, digestive problems, heart disease, hip dysplasia and even some tumors!

Of course, many companies are making the same claims, however we have personally seen the results -- with our own pets!  It really is truly a great product!
Natural, Human Grade Daily Supplement So pure, it is one of the few pet products manufactured in an FDA (human-grade) pharmaceutical manufacturing facility Dog and cat versions available!  No sugars or fillers.  Money-Back Guarantee   

Just as humans develop Arthritis, Osteoporosis, hip and joint problems, bone aches and pains, pets suffer from these maladies as well.  Our pets may actually suffer more frequently from these ailments than we do - even worse, your pet may have been in pain for quite some time, before you realized there was even a health problem.    

As "pack" animals, they make great efforts to hide their pain.  Why?  In the wild, when a wolf, coyote or wild dog grows too old, becomes injured, or is otherwise sick it is then unable to hunt.  Incapable of 
contributing to the welfare of the entire pack, the animal is no longer considered an asset.  If the suffering animal does not recover soon, the pack will eventually abandon it, leaving it to die.  

While our animals are domesticated and live relatively pampered lives, they still retain this "pack" instinct, hiding their ailments and pain from us - their modern pack families.  As such, they often endure great pain silently.

As a breeder for over 20 years I fully believe most of the commercially-prepared foods are the greatest factor influencing hip and joint health.  The majority of pets eat prepackaged, over-processed commercial foods - foods that are, from a nutrition standpoint, void of true, bio-available nutrients.  Sadly, the malnutrition contributing to these 
issues has been compounded over multiple generations of pets fed foods lacking in enzymes and bio-available nutrients.  Looking at the incidence of hip and joint issues, the effects are staggering.

Environmental and household toxins, genetics, and prepackaged foods may all contribute to the poor development, or the deterioration of joints and bones.  In my opinion, foods are likely the largest single factor influencing hip and joint health.

YES!  NuJoint Plus® is an all natural, human-grade supplement, designed to help treat, and prevent, most joint maladies.  Manufactured in a FDA approved Pharmaceutical Laboratory, NuJoint Plus® far exceeds industry standards - using only premium, human-grade ingredients.

Whether using as a preventative or as a treatment for joint ailments and injuries, NuJoint Plus® is recommended by leading pet health care specials for pets of all ages.

  • Breeders
  • Groomers
  • Show handlers
  • Veterinarians
Recommended by over 20,000 pet health care professionals nationwide!
If your are ready to place and order please follow the link below to the online store or call! Don't forget to use code 97956 for a discount! 
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