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Quotes Hi, the puppy is awesome. We named her Maggy and she's becoming a great farm dog. She's great around the horses and seems to have a great respect for them (she's very smart). Once again thanks so much for the wonderful addition to our family!!! James Quotes
James Mcdonald

Quotes I love so many things about this breeder so I will list them. 1- Our puppy is amazing 2- Elina is amazing 3- Charlie is very very smart 4- Charlie is extremely good with our kids 2&4 5 - Charlie is already showing signs of great leadership qualities 6- The GSD is a VERY good, loyal, and protective addition to any family. Elina is very dedicated to making sure that the lines in which she chooses to breed are of the best of the best. Elina is well on her way to being very well known in the breeding community. I can't wait to add another GSD from her to our family. Thank You Elina for your calls and emails to check on Charlie and make sure we are happy with him and if we have any questions or concerns. I appreciate your hard work. Jill Vancouver Canada Quotes

Quotes My family and I got our first German Shepherd about fourteen years ago, we were a little hesitant about getting one at first, but we soon came to realize that they are absolutely AMAZING dogs, since our first one passed away, we have had many German Shepherds, and we have always been very particular about what kennels we got our dogs from. We got "Dagmar" about a year ago, and she grown to a very intelligent, affectionate and loyal dog, and she has a wonderful temperament-GREAT DOG, Elina is amazing young lady, she was very knowledgeable, polite and helpful. She is an excellent breeder, we couldn?t be happier with new member of our family. We defiantly would recommend her and her kennel. Sincerely, Michael Sven and family. Michael Sven Dagmar Quotes
Michael Sven ( Police Explorer)

Quotes I was very impressed with Elina and her beautiful shepherds. I looked for over 2 years and finally found the parents and the German lines I had been looking for. Ryker (Fallon) is a very confident and structurally sound puppy. He is never hesitant in training and always turns head when I walk him. People who see him always comment on how beautiful he is. Ryker is just like his dad Turk in he is always happy go lucky and happy to meet new people. But he also has a great work ethic when it comes to training. He is very easy to train and enjoys anything I throw at him. Elinas dogs are very versatile and are capable of excelling in anything a German Shepherd owner can dream of. I recommend Elinas dogs to anyone who would like a structurally and physically sound dog with a solid temperment. Windy Pense and Ryker (Fallon Vom Vostmen) Quotes
Windy Pense
Fallon (Ryker)

Quotes After spending a great deal of time looking for a Shepherd Breeder, I was very impressed with Vom Vostman Kennel. I was very fortunate to purchase a lovely female Shepherd out of their outstanding Red and Black stud dog, Turk. My experience with Elina was excellent, and my puppy at 5 months old, is sound, with a wonderful temperament. I would recommend their care in selecting breeding dogs, and the great puppies they are producing. I could not be happier with my dog, and she has exceeded my expectations. Sincerely, Luette Messersmith Quotes
Luette Messersmith

Quotes I couldn't be happier with Buck. I was looking around for a quality breeder and found Elina to be very knowledgable and was able to answer all my questions. Buck has been a great addition to my family and is great with people and other animals and has a great temperament. He's very smart and is able to pick up things fast with his training. Greg Ogden Quotes
Greg Ogden

Quotes Elina, Donnie and I just wanted to say that working with you to purchase our Fallyn was a wonderful experience! You are so kind and knowledgable! We absolutely love our puppy and she has an amazing temperament! She is structurally sound and incredibly intelligent! We recommend you to everyone we meet as we socialize Fallyn! I believe you have some of the finest true to the breed standard German Shepherds I have come across in a very long time! Thank you for making it a wonderful experience and for all of the lovely pictures and thoughtful updates as we waited for the puppies to reach 8 weeks of age! Sincerely, Joleen Marple and Family Quotes
Joleen Marple

Quotes My family is so blessed to have Farand. We couldn't be happier with her. She goes far beyond all of our expectations. She is great with our two boys and all of our little dogs. She has a very calm and gentle spirit. She loves to go on walks and is great with people she doesn't know. She is a wonderful watchdog too! Thank you so much Elina for all the time and effort you put in to raise such amazing examples of the breed. Farand has filled a place in our family that will never be able to be replaced. Thank you so much! The Davis family. Quotes
Joshua and Angelin Davis

Quotes I found Elina to be an exceptionally knowledgeable and caring breeder. She was also knowledgeable about the puppies that we were considering, telling us about all of their quirks and personalities. She took the time to help us pick the puppy that would be exactly the right fit for our family. Tasha has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is amazingly calm, but still fun and playful. She learns very fast and is quick to obey, even when there are distractions around. She hasn?t chewed up anything except the things that we give her to chew! She loves to ride in the car and go for walks. My son taught her how to run beside his mountain bike so they can go on trail rides together, she LOVES it! She is a favorite at the doggie play time in our neighborhood and gets along with all of the other dogs. We get a lot of compliments about how beautiful she and obedient she is! Wendy Davis Quotes
Wendy Davis

Quotes It's difficult to find a German shepherd in the United States that displays the qualities of a good dual purpose working dog. I interviewed a lot of breeders both in the states and overseas then shifted through countless pups before I found Elina. I picked out a male pup from here and it's been training ever since. It's balance of good nerves and great drive is one that's clearly from good genetics and proper socializing as a young pup. I would recommend her for sure as well as her dogs to anyone serious about having a dual purpose (patrol and tracking) working shepherd. Aaron Loucks Quotes
Aaron Loucks